crochet and rope basket - tutorial

crochet and rope basket - picture tutorial -- doesn't lead to any instructions, but looks like jute twine over nylon rope and done with a size C crochet hook.

Amazing technique to turn garter stitch to tartan - can't wait to try this!

Making garter stitch stripes into plaid - WOW unbelievable - this is GREAT! After knitting garter stitch, then weave in the plaid stripes!

Плетение из газет. Красивая загибка края корзинки. МК - Форум

плетение из газет

She works in paper, but makes beautiful things that can be done with reed.


Thinking over a complicated type of edging. Part Continuation of the series of tutorials by Elena Tischenko on how to edge (to complete) paper baskets.