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a blue and yellow building with two windows next to a street light on the side
a duck floating on top of a body of water surrounded by trees and pink flowers
a painting of a village by the ocean with stairs leading up to it and boats in the water
a painting of a sailboat on the water near a dock with trees and flowers
an oil painting of flowers and stairs leading to the water with boats in the background
Amissz Landscape Diamond Art Painting Kits for Adults Full Drill Round New, Architecture Diamond Art Kits, DIY 5D Diamond Art Painting Gem Art Diamond Dots Friend Size 12 * 16 inch
PRICES MAY VARY. New Upgrade Diamond Art Painting Kits - Abandoning the previous method of using software to design patterns in bulk, we now employ professional designers to manually adjust the details of each pattern and carefully match the color of the diamonds to make the finished diamond art painting look more vivid and realistic. Diamond Art Kits: 5D Diamond art painting kits are currently Popular DIY Home Decor.Architecture Diamond art painting for Adults Kids Beginner Use the Special Roun
a painting of a kitchen with blue cabinets and an open window that shows the night sky
an artistic painting of a tree with red leaves on it and a blue door in the background