DIY: ripped boyfriend jeans

Outfits With Heels Part Cute Winter Outfits (Ripped Jeans) Slideshow: Read more: 4 Tips to Improve Overall Appearance and Fashion Trends

Towel wrap

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Mundo Chayi: MINI TUTORIAL: Tunéame una blusa

diy fashion (DIY Lace Collar T-shirt) / tee-shirt - col - dentelle

No glitter boots or pumps, but: glitter sneakers! Remove your old All Stars from the closet (or buy a new pair of sneakers for a nice price) and glitter it!

DIY Glitter Shoes using just a paintbrush, glitter & Mod Podge. Could turn cheap shoes into ruby res slippers for party

want het kopen van een nieuwe die je nog moet "indragen" klinkt gewoon niet zo verleidelijk.

Before you rid your closet of any old bras that have seen better days, you can actually turn them into something functional and cute. You only have to sew a few stitches! Take an old bra and turn it into a backless bra, a DIY project