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A screenshot from TES V: Skyrim. Is my armour really that old

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Harkon You are undead Midir I am undead Harkon You are a vampire Midir I am a vampire Harkon And these are crimes For which the world Shows little pity . All my life I memorize their faces

I found a perfect name for Midir's father (a Clan Telboth vampire who was tasked with infiltrating and killing off a Bosmer family under the guise of on. It Came Out of the Mist

Another Art Noveau thingie, this time with my Bosmer vampire Midir from Skyrim, who is actually quite fond of the sunlit world and spends most of his ti.

Midir (Bosmer vampire) and Ria (once an eager recruit of the Companions, now the Harbinger) starring in a rendition of Klimt's famous painting, with the. I Kissed a Vampire Yesterday

I just can't stop thinking about 's Skyrim vampire Malnnir, who, when hungry, suffers from bouts of uncontrollable bloodlust, during which he blacks out.

A little parody of the famous poster that I made to encourage my fellow Dragon Age players to romance Blackwall (a. 'climb the wall'). We Can Climb The Wall!

Another Dragon Age: Inquisition Tarot card, this time showing my Qunari, Naali Adaar, at a very emotional point of her romance.

In my headcanon, this particular Adaar, Saarath, has experienced some of the life as a Saarebas under the Qun, so she had a bit of a epiphany when she m.

The Adaar here is unspecified: on the one hand, she wears her hair in a braid like my Saarath;