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Tomsk / 🌬 Anyway the wind blows 🌬
🥀 Gveniwera 🥀
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Queen Bees, Freddie Mercury

restaurantlardan nefret ederim fakat cafelerede ömrümü geçirebilirim.bütüngün oturabilirim bütüüüün gün hiç sıkılmadan =/

Daybreak jaunt ending with a stay at a local coffee shop/breakfast destination for hours to read (preferably in a peaceful breezy outdoor nook). This happens to be a beautifully captured photo of a dream location - a cozy café in Paris.


simplytonka: studyingformylawdegree: Dec On a short trip in Edinburgh with my family to celebrate Christmas! In amongst Christmas market shopping, movies and coffees, I’m sparing a little morning time to study. Gotta get that law degree!

Manhattan views

Manhattan views - The Best Photos and Videos of New York City including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and other popular New York places and attractions.

Omg the view

margielas-maison: “st-orm: “l-umina: “ avocade: “ voguelustys: “ zel-duuh: “ wolf-run: “ invokes: “ luxuryglamxoxo: “ voguelustys: “ my room in melbourne is perfect ” this is my favourite photo on.

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This is perhaps closer to Blanca how I imagine her than I would have hoped. Also, am I allowed to ask why this pin is so popular? Did I miss something? /: |

Hanyah She's in my nightmares, a silent angle that stares at me while i shiver. Golden hair to the wind, pale lips half parting. Her eyes are paralyzing, minutes pass before they shift. Eyebrows raised in surprise at a sound only she hears.

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