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Weiss Valentine
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Dean is the first human to set foot in purgatory I 20 Fun Facts About Dean…

20 Supernatural Facts (you may or may not know) - Dean has entered the most number of realms.Including Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Avalon (The homeland of the fairies)

I loved how they did purgatory. And if you could cover Jensen in blood and dirt…

I loved Purgatory. And if you could cover Jensen in blood and dirt and leather in every episode, that'd be great.

Dean - then and now :(

This is probably the most important GIF in the entire fandom. <--- THIS IS TRUE. - this makes me sad, poor Dean This is so sad and such a smack in the face. Like we know Dean changed over the years, but this puts it in perspective

I was balling at this episode

I have been looking for this and may I just point out (even though it doesn't need to be pointed out) Deans face? Jo is the only person I ship Dean with forever and always.

I watched "Do You Believe in Miracles" last night for the first…

He grinned at me with his black eyes showing." He asked with a smirk. That's when I punched him in the jaw. Need someone to be Demon! Someone can also be Sam, Cas, and/or Crowley too.