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A solution to the ping-pong-paddle-storage dilemma, from the transcendent Clingstone mansion on Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay, featured in the New York T

Bedroom Art Tip: Designer Michaela Scherrer’s bed feels spacious even though the bed takes up most to the room. That’s because both her bed and the art on the walls are positioned toward the lower half of the room, leaving the upper half virtually empty.

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kevin faingnaert

From the photographer who last showed us images of a community living off-the-grid in a remote Spanish ecovillage, Kevin Faingnaert returns with his latest series Føroyar, which documents the last-remaining villages on the equally remote Faroe Islands.


I've always loved this series of photos showcasing Elizabeth Taylor & Montgomery Clift. Snapped during a break in the filming of the classi.