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PerfectFIT Pure White Shutter Blinds
@thehomemama perfectly demonstrates just how easy our PerfectFIT Shutter blinds are to install. With no drills required, simply slot the brackets into place and clip the shutter on, and that's it! The tilt rod allows you to easily control the amount of light coming into your space, and the shutter style offers a sleek, sophisticated finish to any space.
a woman standing in front of an open door with the words did you know barn doors can swive?
❓ What’s your initial reaction❓ Did you know barn doors can swivel? 😮 Mind blown 🤯 moment for us! Do you like this idea? Would you… | Instagram
the stairs are lined with white rugs
Peter Island Stripe Custom Stair Runner
the stairs are lined with white carpet and wood
Accent Carpet Stairs — Mountain West Interiors
a living room filled with furniture and a stair case next to a white couch on top of a hard wood floor
Eastside Costa Mesa — Pure Salt Interiors
the cover of martha killam's 23 decor secrets only a designer will tell you
23 Decorating Secrets (only an interior designer will tell you) - Decorating Advice
a person is turning off thermostaer in front of a wall mounted clock
How to Update a Dated Home Without Remodeling - Welsh Design Studio
HOW TO UPDATE A DATED HOME WITHOUT REMODELING This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. See our Privacy Policy for details. Is your home dated, and in desperate need of a complete makeover? Do you daydream about the day when you can afford to remodel the heck out of your house, and finally live in a home you love? Believe me, I get it! Our first home had floral wallpaper, pink tile, and green shag carpet when we bought it. You want to see dated? Just look at this pictu