My Favorite Animals

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Just chillin!

For real, though. Get into the water the said. You won't look fat they said. (to the fat seal).

Arctic rabbits!

The arctic hare or polar rabbit. The arctic hare survives with a thick coat of fur and usually digs holes under the ground or snow to keep warm and sleep.


Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe a Blue Tick hound became friends when they crossed paths at a South Carolina sanctuary for endangered animals. Now they swim together, play together and Suryia even takes the dog for his walks.

Beautiful albino lions!

Wild Life With Amazing Nature - Although rare, white lions are occasionally encountered in Timbavati, South Africa.

Childhood friends!

Who can forget Kasi, Busch Gardens' Cheetah Cub born January and his playpal Mtani, the Labrador Retriever puppy? For readers who've never met the dynamic duo, Kasi was paired with Mtani in order to help him get accustomed.

Rubbin it in!

Funny pictures about No dogs allowed. Oh, and cool pics about No dogs allowed. Also, No dogs allowed photos.