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Rippy Paper Craft by Desktop Gremlins

Sparky Free Paper Craft / Paper Toy by Desktop Gremlins

Vanship by on @deviantART

Vanship by Alexey Lipatov, ~Lipatov on deviantART

Downtown by on @deviantART

Pete Amachree is a Concept and Texture Artist in the Film and Games Industry. Living in the UK, Pete Amachree was last working at Cinesite, a visual effects com

Strange Aeons, Page 2B by on @deviantART

Strange Aeons, Page by ClockworkVirus on DeviantArt

Strange Aeons, Page 1 by on @deviantART

Strange Aeons An Online Dieselpunk Comic

Strange Aeons, Page 2A by on @deviantART

Strange Aeons, Page by ClockworkVirus in Art Deco Design Inspiration: Part 1

Dieselpunk Aliens by on @deviantART

I'm planning on starting up a webcomic, set in an interstellar dieselpunk universe (dieselpunk's pretty much my favorite alt history setting, and I like.

Arrival in Utopia by on @deviantART

SL Jazz After Midnight: Dieselpunk Masters: Mr.

Dieselpunk Cars by on @deviantART

So by this point most of us are familiar with the steampunk aesthetic. But how many people out there know about dieselpunk? Dieselpunk style is similar to

SpideyVerse by on @deviantART

SpideyVerse by EricGuzman