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Мастер из России создает из монет миниатюры с секретом, за которые американцы выкладывают баснословные суммы
an old clock made out of metal parts on a white wall with no one around it
сеть для любителей steampunk'а / Страница 60
Cigar Lighters, Acdc, Liquor, Buckles, The Shining
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an antique clock made out of gold gears
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Best USB flash drives in 2024: Top USB memory sticks
two zippo lighters sitting next to each other
an old fashioned metal lighter with gears and wheels on it's side sitting on a table
Vitaliy Ezhov Facebook |  Google + | Twitter Steampunk Tendencies Official Group
an old fashioned clock made out of metal
an old fashioned coffee machine with a glass carafe on it's top and steam engine underneath
Steampunk Brandy Muller/Cigar Holder
ȿȾℇȺℳℙỪƝꝂ Upcycling, Steampunk Clock, Steampunk Items
an old fashioned metal device on a black surface
Steampunk Lighter