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It is just home made food art filled with fun and passion . So if you are a fun lover then try these creative food art.

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Hash brown nests filled with chicken salad "eggs". Could also use boiled eggs for breakfast. or cream cheese and some kind of herb if vegetarian, vegan use tofutti. Perfect for Easter!

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Creative Funny Dessert Recipe – Fruit Hedgehog made from Pear and Grapes

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Salad roll "Stump" delicious decorate a festive table! Salad "Stump" - it's aerobatics cooking! These salads should be prepared for special

Decoración de la comida con sus propias manos

Decoración de la comida con sus propias manos

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these calla flowers are made out of cheese slices. I found this idea at www.

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Easy enough idea. Apples and some fruit and voilla! Great party idea, kid snack, or even horse treat!