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Personas. Vertical Format. Simple Elements. Guide to Creating Personas

Guide to Creating Website Personas Infographic

A great example of Personas for Disney which do a great job of presenting the background and context prior to delving into the specific details.

Disney does personas right. These personas are very thorough but also easy to…

All about personas webfengshui.tumblr.com

How to develop Personas

Marketing Strategy - Want to know more about Millennials and how to market to them? Here's a look at vital stats about this…

The psychology of successfully marketing to millennials and how they compare to other generations: The younger demographic has huge spending power, but getting your messages to and connecting with them can be an uphill battle. This infographic can help.

Fantastic infographic from LOL Social Media Group - Are you ready for 2015? Get to know Mike, and you will be!

Customers today are savvy, well connected, and value conscious. Meet your 2015 customer and his traits in an Infographic.

Bridesmaids Gift Flat Lay: The Wild Romantic / Styling by The LANE

Bridesmaids Gifts: The Wild Romantic / Wedding Style Inspiration / LANE

Beauty fragrances product photography

portfolio Archives - David Parfitt - still-life photographer

donuts croissants More Life, Breakfast, Posts, Eating, Donuts, Food Photography, Camille Style, Mornings, Croissant Weekend Notes | Camille Styles love the addition of the hand in the shot, it gives it bit more life and personality! Donuts Croissants - the perfect morning. donuts croissants | For the foodies | Foodie | food | food porn | food photography | food styling | eat | dessert | breakfast | yum | Schomp MINI

Donuts & Croissants - the perfect morning.

Homemade Soup Recipe | Pork and Pumpkin Mole Chili | www.littlerustedladle.com

Pork and Pumpkin Mole Chili rustic food photography - lovely styling

my favorite picnic look is on the blog today www.themilleraffect.com/what-to-wear-to-a-picnic

date night cheese board before dinner!