small house

Flake House: Portable log house from Olgga Architects - Green Diary - Green Revolution Guide by Dr Prem

Floor shelf with his own hands photo

This bookshelf is approximately 5 feet high, 6 feet long and wide.What's great about this shelf is it's super easy to do, looks great visually and packs up.

Flowers in a log

15 Unusual Flower Beds and Container Ideas for Beautiful Yard Landscaping – Lushome

Виды живой изгороди на даче

People want privacy in their yards for obvious reasons. Most call a fencing company and have them construct a fence around the yard and usually that fence is not the nicest looking thing. Often times it is really ugly and over time the wood warps.

House made of shipping containers in Chile

archatlas: “Caterpillar House Sebastián Irarrázaval “Santiago de Chile backs up dramatically to the Andes Mountains, and a growing number of affluent residents are heading for the foothills in search.

the tree house

Here in thy harbors for a whileWe lower our sails; a while we restFrom the unending, endless quest

disguised house in Poland

Completed in 2007 in Książenice, Poland. A green clearing surrounded by forest was the only context for the proposed small house. Hence the idea to "carve out" a piece of the grass-covered.