Wall shelf made of pipes

Wall Mounted Pipe Shelf - Part Bundles - Kits - Simplified Building, Kee Klamp, Railings, Connectors and Structural Solutions,

houseboat in Oregon

A floating home on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, combines good design with natural surroundings to create a simple, quiet retreat.

летняя мебель для дачи

I think this is so clever and cool, but I think it might not be trim/multifunctional enough for a really tiny house. quad micro bar by joe warren space saving furniture for tiny homes Tiny House Furniture: The Quad Micro Bar by Joe Warren

building the plane in Chile

Plane crashes in chille sometime in with ten yr old son of pilot Son comes back when 26 finds plane turns into his home

the house caves in China

Yaodongs are dug out shelters found throughout northern China, sculpted straight out of the hard rock walls.

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