Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes by handimania via withtaste #Potatoes #Scalloped #Hasselback

Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes

Another creative and delicious recipe. Potatoes with garlic and cheese sounds amazing and the picture looks sooo tasty. If you are bored of the classic potatoes recipes, this is a new metod to cook potatoes. Easy to mak

Amazing Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - yummykey

Made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. 5 👍's Amazing Stuffed Cabbage Rolls ~ yummykey

Breakfast in a potato

Idaho Sunrise (Baked Eggs & Bacon In Potato Bowls)

1 baked potato 1 Tbsp butter 2 eggs (@ SafeEggs would be perfect for this) 2 strips bacon, cooked. salt and freshly ground black pepper. Place tablespoon of butter in the middle of each bowl.

These look amazing!

L'il Pomme Anna

potatoes L’il Pomme Anna.It’s a very simple deconstruction of that classic casserole potato dish Pomme Anna, but with a single-serve attitude.

what an interresting way of eating spaghetti

Hot Dog and Spaghetti Recipe That Even Adults Will Love

How fun for kids and kids of heart! Slide spaghetti through Vienna sausages or sliced hot dogs, cover with a sauce. I like the Bacon Provolone Spaghetti Sauce by Prego and the ideas go on.

Баклажаны с ветчиной

Кулинарные рецепты

LOADED HASSELBACK POTATOES Our version is loaded with cheese and all your favorite toppings == 6 med russet potatoes, 6 T salted butter, 1 clove garlic, 6 slices thick cut bacon, 8 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, 1/2 c greek yogurt or sour cream, 4 whole green onions, 1/4 c pickled jalapeños (optional), 1/2 c guacamole (optional), 1/2 c buffalo sauce (optional), 1/2 c blue cheese crumbled (optional) ====

Loaded Hasselback Potatoes

Loaded Hasselback Potatoes ::maybe olive oil instead of butter? Or just not so much, slightly healthier (no bake recipes food)

Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls Sauce (cabbage, ground beef, tomato paste + water, lemon juice, brown sugar, garlic, sea salt, gf worchershire sauce, 1 egg, pepper, onion, rice)

Pioneering Today Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls

Популярные Пины на тему «еда и напитки»

Faster way to do those pizza rolls. ++bonus-- the possibility of a cheesy crunchy bottom.

Bonhomme de neige en meringue - les meilleures recettes de cuisine d'Ôdélices

Bonhomme de neige en meringue