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Helmet of a Thracian GladiatorTroisième quart du Ier siècle ap. J.-C.Found in the gladiators' barracks at Pompei, Campagna, southern Italy

Bronze helmet found in the gladiators barracks in Pompeii, Italy. The helmet was probably used by Thracian gladiators in the amphitheater at Pompeii, just before Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

2,200 Year Old Warrior's Grave Found in Russia (c: The History Blog)

Scythian helmet: The Archaeology News Network: Ancient warrior's treasure-filled grave found in Russia Bronze helmet found on the surface of the necropolis [Credit: Valentina Mordvintseva]

Bronze Montefortino helmet- Italic (400-300 BC - 3rd century BC)

Bronze Phrygian-Attic Helmet : Superbly crafted helmet adorned with wings and coiled feather holders. On the cheek pieces are Nike and Artemis, goddesses associated with victory and prowess in arms.