Marina Naroditskaya

Marina Naroditskaya

Marina Naroditskaya
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Women joining the Women's Land Army (WLA) during WW1 were issued a simple uniform consisting of 2 green sweaters, 2 pairs of brown breeches (either twill or corduroy), 1 pair of brown overalls, 6 pairs of brown long woolen socks, 3 shirts, a green tie, a pair of shoes, a pair of ankle boots, a pair of tall boots, 2 overcoats, 1 raincoat,  and a brown floppy hat or beret. It was a civilian English/Wales organization that hired women to do farm functions since many men were at war.

A rare color photo of a Lumber Jill. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell how much the color in the photo has been "touched up." Notice her beret and the ribbing on the sweater.

Edwardian Maid's Cross-Strap Apron.

Edwardian Maid's Cross Strap Apron In a way, everything wrong with some repros. Pattern is lovely, but execution is.poly/cotton and practically see thru.

What Cook wears, except without the colorful embroideries.

The Medieval Servant Dress is a great dress for your medieval kingdom staff. The Medieval Servant Dress includes the shirt, bodice, apron, and hood. This Medieval Servant Dress is made of cotton and the bodice has laces around the rib area.