Marina Karletskaya

Marina Karletskaya

Marina Karletskaya
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Beautiful image of turtleneck fisherman sweater // Photograph by Matt Barnes via Dark Beauty Magazine

Picture Prompts: Siblings were born. One was fire, the other smoke. You see, the smoke child was a smoldered flame that needs a little help seeing the light.

Seek a light. Miranda wanted light. She wanted to get out from the darkness. She died alone in the darkness.

Photo by Chris Rivera

Photo by Chris Rivera - Character inspiration - check the lines, really like the idea of demon coming out - like through the skin

"Genuine" by Stanislav Istratov. Editorial make-up. Black lips and alabaster skin. Alienesque. Cyborg look.

Welcome to the dark, bizarre and beautiful images of Kiev based artist and photographer, Stanislav Istratov, also known as FlexDreams.

I stuck my hand inside the opening I saw in the trunk of the tree, and when I felt the coldness I retrieved it, and it was a bit too late...

Black and White hand tattoo minimal

by *Nishe

lovely hands-photographed by Nishe

redhead Sandy Moore via Henry Say Gunn onto Once in their life, every person is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous red head

freckles - Love the colours, the pale skin, the red hair, the pose and - well, everything.

flowers fashion zhang jingna phuong my1 FGR Exclusive | Kwak Ji Young by Zhang Jingna in Flowers Bloom

stormtrooperfashion: Kwak Ji Young in “Flowers Bloom” by Zhang Jingna for Fashion Gone Rogue, June 2014

Flowers - way to introduce colour and interest - could also be cost effective? Idea 2

Exclusive: Kwak Ji Young is Ready for Spring in 'The Petals' by Zhang Jingna