Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey | by sforzinda

Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Cezayir Street, Istanbul More

Cezayir Street, Istanbul

"Rue Francaise", with tented buildings, street musicians, cafés, bars and art centers.

#Turkishbreakfast (Place:Bonelli Food Show-Alacaatlı-Ankara ) // Photo by Omur Akkor

breakfast (Place:Bonelli Food Show-Alacaatlı-Ankara ) // Photo by Omur Akkor

The spot our team most wanted to move into in Istanbul? The wisteria-covered Empress Zoe Hotel, which practically sits in the shadow of Hagia Sophia.

The wisteria-covered Empress Zoe, which sits nearly in the shadow of mosque-turned-museum Hagia Sophia. Photo courtesy of Empress Zoe

Turkish style 'tea time': You put a piece of sugar in your mouth then sip the tea, and munch the dates when you wish. Delightful!

wanderthewood: “Traditional arabic tea with dry madjool dates and rock sugar nabot by Speleolog ”

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Turkey is a country rich with history and a magical tapestry of cultural, architectural, and culinary elements. As it rapidly modernizes, it’s becoming one

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A coffee break against the spectacular view of Istanbul // Photo by Çiler Geçici (