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Crazy Lanfear... (Not sure of the artist.  Will have to look up a link later.) Wheel of Time

Waahah another WoT fanart! I'm not good with flames and digital color, but I don't care this time xD This moment in the book was creepy! Lanfear f. WHO IS AVIENDHA?

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - Eye of the World 007-000

Game art on Wheel of Time by Nicolas Chapuis. The Wheel of Time is a video game based on Robert Jordan’s fantasy series of the same name. Nicolas is a digital artist based in Freiburg, Germany.

Yellow Ajah of the White Tower - The Wheel Of Time Series.

Tribute to the Yellow Ajah of the White Tower: "A glowing passion, a pure devotion…To fix that which has been broken." The Yellow Ajah of the Aes Sedai primarily studies Healing. The leader of the Yellow Ajah is called the First Weaver.

Lines by Andie Tong Colors by me This is the cover to issue 9 of the Wheel of Time by Dynamite Entertainment. Best, Nic WoT Cover to issue 9

Prince of Ravens

Fan made: (redone for my husband as he is a huge fan and said it was crows not eagles) Matrim Cauthon From Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan Stock Images: .