La Esquina, Spanish Cafe in Copenhagen

The cozy, woodsy nook at La Esquina in Copenhagen. 31 Coffeeshops And Cafés You Wish You Lived In (question for Pallas: can we widen the window?

Pain et Cie, Grenoble, France.

View from a coffee shop. I'd love to sit here on a rainy day drinking a warm cup of coffee

for some reason i used to use :~) sarcastically but now i actually love it and i use it all the time and that's basically how everything works in my life

Photo (the curious bumblebee)

Photo (the curious bumblebee)

I like the window seat and brick. I also like the steel stairs but can't decide if I want that or large timber and wood stairs. True Burger Bar (Kiev, Ukraine) by anya garienchick, via Behance


so many fragile things the high ceilings in concrete softened with a delicate pretty mural + unpolished wood flooring and stairs.


Don't know where this is but I want to be there. Windows and coffee, street view.