illustration russe : affiche pour Fairy Tales by Ivan Bilibin, 1903

'Fairy Tales' title page; artwork by Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (Russian: August 1876 - February

Ivan Bilibin Iván Yákovlevich Bilibin (Иван Яковлевич Билибин) (16 de agosto de 1876 - 7 de febrero de 1942) ILUSTRADOR

ivan bilibin

イワン・ビリービン Ivan Bilibin Иван Билибин 水面下/Underwater/Подводное царство Illustration for the epic "Volga" 1928

Ivan Bilibin

Hand painted reproduction of the painting Tsar Saltan Eavesdropping 1905 by Ivan Bilibin. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of Tsar Saltan Eavesdropping

Illustration for Alexander Pushkin's 'Fairytale of the Tsar Saltan', 1905			- Ivan Bilibin - by style - Art Nouveau (Modern)

Ivan Bilibin Russian illustrator / Illustration for Alexander Pushkin's "Fairytale of the Tsar Saltan," 1905

File:1932. Билибин. Морозко.jpg

Father Frost acts as a donor in the Russian fairy tale Father Frost, testing the heroine before giving her riches.

Ivan Bilibin

Illustration for the Russian Fairy Story "The Frog Princess" - Ivan Bilibin

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