No "Amazing texture stitch! Text is in Russian, but there are many more clear pictures. The stitch looks beautiful on either the knit or the purl side. I'm looking forward to trying this great technique." comment via


edging knit -- Extremely long Russian Web page; Many, many lovely patterns w/diagrams for Knit, Crochet & other things.

Схема ажурной дорожки. - Вязание - Страна Мам


Can someone read the chart for me? I just need the angled T is purl 2 through back loops so that the stitch leans in that direction

How to Knit the Woven Basket Stitch for the loom | Vintage Storehouse & Co.

Day How to Knit the Woven Basket Stitch Days of Knitting Series} - The Vintage Storehouse & Company

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Букет голубых фиалок