Pleated & hand-dyed Shibori textile samples with textural patterns inspired by nature; fabric manipulation // tinctory via flickr

Shibori Dyed Clothes delicate folds for a Boho style skirt. Either longer pieces of fabric or layers of ruffles. Think gauze-like fabric wouldn't be too full. Turquoise fabric with brown on the edge of the folds.

natural dye

These are skeins of wool dyed using plants and methods known in the Iron Age in Britain, as part of an archaeological reconstruction. The period is roughly If you go to the link you can see what plants, and what part of the plants, yielded these colors.

Fruit Dye

Sweet Paul Magazine - Summer 2011 - Page natural dyes using spices, fruit and vegetables

natural dyes

handcrafted in virginia - weissesrauschen: new fabrics 1 by Loraine