Купить ГАМАЮН ПТИЦА ВЕЩАЯ-сутажный кулон - темно-серый, сутажный кулон, модный кулон

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Ciondolo soutache cielo e sabbia, medaglione e goccia in pasta di turchese, perline rocailles. Design Giada Zampar -Opificio77-

Pendant soutaches sky and sand , medallion and drop in turquoise paste , rocailles beads .

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/180308047/soutache-pendent-filincanto

Soutache Pendent hand embroidered with soutache braid rose, creme and violet, strass chain, a little rose, swarovski crystals and a gold plated 14 kt overbrass pendent.

New! Bride jewelry soutache – “Yes, I do!” | Zena Design

Colier şi cercei pentru mireasă – “Yes, I do!”

x7AS9wZ.jpg (900×602)

x7AS9wZ.jpg (900×602)