Tulle wrapped over balloons tied with ribbon and flowers - brilliant and so pretty!

Inflate balloons, cover with tulle, tie at bottom . That is actually a great idea for a shower or party. Not a wedding. No balloons at weddings!

Как сшить чехол на табурет своими руками - Handmade-Paradise


having this on my patio and eating outdoors on a summer evening

Pencil Candles in a Bucket of Sand. Fill a galvanized tub with sand, slide in a handful of candles, don with a festive ribbon, and you have an instant centerpiece; perfect for a Christmas table. I could change the colour for other celebrations.

love this centerpiece idea with wine glasses!

Inverted wine glasses as candle holders is such a cute idea, and the roses really make it gorgeous. The possibilities are endless, and wineglasses are CHEAP. wineglasses can even be plastic

A lovely monochrome and light wood Swedish home

Love the soft colors in this home. In the living room all furniture and accessoires are kept very light and in the kitchen the dining table contrasts very nicely with the all white drawers.


How to Whitewash Plank Walls

How to Whitewashed Plank Walls - Planks walls…they’re a BIG thing in decorating, right? And the whitewashed plank walls, well they’re my fav-o-rite!