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a woman taking a selfie with her cell phone
Maid Felix stray kids
a man with long hair wearing a top hat and glasses making the peace sign in front of his face
two girls are holding hands on the beach
Yuna meme
a woman laying in bed with her head on the pillow and text that reads, eli what wait why did it actually work? who made this?
an image of a shirt hanging on a clothes line with the words 80 euros written below it
hmmm : hmmm
three men with speech bubbles above their heads and the words yg in different languages
• Memes Kpop ≧ω≦ ♡ • [ finalizado ]
"Pessoas normais dizem que asiáticos tem p** pequeno, Logo eu, Omeg… #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad
several women in long skirts are dancing on the floor and one is wearing a chicken costume
this is home poster with many different pictures and words on the front page, including one woman's face
people are sitting in the theater with their mouths open
a woman sitting at a table with some vegetables