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Free- Books, Minds and Umbrellas Work Best When Open - Poster by ART Wizard
Art Wizard Art Posters ... Bundle 12 Famous Artists Posters (Set 1   Set 2)


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Daily Visual Schedule and Supports for Children Who Have ADHD and Autism by Charlotte Lim of Colourful Teaching For You. Special education classroom setup life skills individual visual schedules. How to deal with hyperactive kids and kids with autism in the classroom and at home ideas. Inclusion lessons for attention deficit hyperactive disorder and autistic kids.
Good Choice and Bad Choice FREE Printables by Charlotte Lim from Colourful Teaching For You. Making friends and good choices object lesson worksheet bulletin board activities for kids. How to teach kids to make good choices. Inclusion lessons for kids. Autism and attention deficit hyperactive disorder worksheets and activities at school and at home.


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I am donating 100% of my profits of 4 #TPT products that are featured on my #ArtWizard homepage on #TPT to #Wires, an Australian Wildlife Rehab Centre. #austeacherbfr
DIY Artsy Lanyard,Australian Grosgrain,ID  Holder,Key Lanyard,Teacher Lanyard,Key Holder,Teacher Gift , Charity, Bushfire Relief


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social studies

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When you're showing the movie CASABLANCA, you're teaching WWII HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, and CINEMATIC TECHNIQUES at the same time--even if students just think you're being nice and showing a movie.In this 20-page reproducible packet, you get . . .vocabulary and literary termsintroductory cast information...
This complete teaching unit has everything you'll need to deliver profoundly engaging lessons on William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Capture your students' attention with daily worksheets that are equal parts visually stimulating and intellectually substantive. Inspire students to arrive at a whole new depth of insight while falling in love with Shakespeare's plays! This unit was designed to have more than enough rigor for Honors, IB, and AP courses!
This complete teaching unit has everything you’ll need to deliver profoundly engaging lessons on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Capture your student’s attention with daily worksheets that are visually stimulating and intellectually substantive. Inspire students to arrive at a whole new depth of insight while falling in love with Shakespeare’s play!


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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a complete novel study that’s ready to go with minimal preparation from the teacher. This book is a great fit for upper elementary language arts. It aligns with many of the common core state standards.
Unlock the joy of learning with our 6th Grade Math Mastery Adventure! 🎓✨ Your students will embark on a thrilling digital escape room journey, helping Turt reunite with his friends while mastering essential math skills. 🐢💡 They’ll tackle 50 interactive math challenges covering decimals, fractions, percents, coordinate planes, and more. 📊🔢 Each colorful game is a step towards solving the mystery and strengthening their math prowess. Perfect for end-of-year review before summer break! 🌞📚 #MathFun #DigitalEscapeRoom #Education #InteractiveLearning #SixthGradeMath


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Teacher Planner Printable and Editable Teacher Binder 2024 Calendar Plant Themed

Professional Development

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Aug 3, 2022 - This PowerPoint game introduces and reviews the concept of quadrilaterals in our world. It includes the following components: **Introduction to quadrilaterals (definition, sides, vertices, angles, etc). **Examples of shapes that are quadrilaterals. **Examples of quadrilaterals in our world. The...
This product features various activities to help students dive deeper into the classic Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe. Students will examine theme, cause & effect, problem & solution, main idea, KWL, and making inferences. Students will use various graphic organizers, comprehension questions, and writing activities to explore the text. #teacherspayteachers #tpt #reading #readingcomprehension #literature
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Readers Theater.  This 12 page script has 22 roles and cover the entire book.  It is printable, but also Google Ready.  Students can read the play in Google Classroom.

short stories

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Chain Link Activities | Building Numbers 1 to 20 with manipulatives
ESL /EAL / ELL CVC color by code is a fun way to develop reading and increase English vocabulary. The pictures beside the CVC words ensure comprehension of the words. As with all resources designed for use with students who are learning English as an Additional Language, these worksheets are suitabl...

English second language

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For parents

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Project based learning culture by Charlotte Lim of Colourful Teaching For You. Cultural diversity art around the worlds. How to Teach Cultural Diversity in the Classroom. Culture projects for kids for social studies. How to teach kids about culture. Different cultures around the world. Teaching kids about different cultures and other cultures. #teachingtips #culture
Mock Trial Scenarios 2 is an activity that facilitates many ELA learning outcomes in a way that is highly engaging for students. Students will develop research skills, engage in critical thinking, defend a position, play the role of a character in court, and practice presentation skills. Students will learn about the judicial system as they participate in a mock trial of their own.
Help your students to get ready for President’s Day and learn about our first president’s interesting life. This non-fiction book on George Washington is a great resource to use for doing a research project on historical people with your Pre-k/kindergarten class and a first grade class that struggles. Included in this product is a black and white informational book about Mr. Washington a worksheet for note-taking. #reading #writing #washington #thebeezyteacher

Character Education

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Save time with this no-prep, printable webquest featuring worksheets to engage your middle school, junior high, or high school ELA students in exploring the remarkable life and works of JERRY SPINELLI, author of MANIAC MAGEE, STARGIRL, and MILKWEED. This 9-page printable webquest includes 50 questi...
Save time with this no-prep, printable webquest featuring worksheets to engage your middle school, junior high, or high school ELA students in exploring the remarkable life and works of R. L. STINE, author of the GOOSEBUMPS Series and the FEAR STREET Series. This 9-page printable webquest includes ...
JOHN UPDIKE Webquest | Worksheets | Printables Save time with this no-prep, printable webquest featuring worksheets to engage your high school ELA students in exploring the remarkable life and works of JOHN UPDIKE, author of RABBIT, RUN. This 9-page printable webquest includes 50 questions to help ...


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Making Sentences using Simple Past Tense involves looking at the picture, reading the words, then selecting words for making a sentence about the picture. The words are dragged and dropped into the provided boxes in the correct order to make a sentence in simple past tense. Regular and irregular ver...
There are 30 addition to 20 Boom Learning task cards. These cards provide an engaging way for students to develop their accuracy in adding up to a maximum of 20. Students will also practise the reading of 11 colours. The task cards provide a very useful interactive distance learning activity. The ta...
Magic e Spelling develops / consolidates the formation and reading of words which contain the 'magic e'. Each task card has one picture, with a selection of letters from which the students select letters to make a word to name the item or what is happening in the picture. This is a digital distance ...


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Indigenous Cultures of Canada: Eastern Woodlands Enrichment Activities is a collection of enrichment activities to supplement units about this Aboriginal culture. Students choose how they'd like to show their learning. This accommodates both their interests and their learning style. Answer keys are included.
Examine India by looking at its PEGS factors (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social). A guided lesson introduces the material. Challenge students to classify & analyze facts about South Asia by completing 2 fun activities. Printable materials & digital, interactive versions of the resources are included. Made for Google Classrooms, distance learning, or homeschooling.
This Pangea Presentation Project is designed with the middle school student in mind and can be used in a home, virtual, or school setting. Students will be able to explore how the continents were once formed and begin to draw conclusions through research that centers around fossil evidence, glacial...


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Holes Escape Room is an excellent addition to this novel study. Everything is ready to photocopy and use. This resource includes four stages.
This set of 26 alphabet worksheets to Find and Color letters A to Z is a NO PREP resource of printable alphabet coloring pages and practice activities. Help your students learn, revise and practice Alphabets as they have fun finding and coloring them! Use these 26 alphabet worksheets to find and c...
These 60+ Editable Classroom Job Cards and Schedule Cards are ideal for elementary and special education classrooms! The polka dotted schedule cards are fully editable and include analog and digital clocks. The cute visual cues and large selection of classroom jobs has everything needed for setting up a new classroom and for back to school time! A full text editable version is included to individualize and personalize for your class! Easily fits into blue pocket hanging folders!

Back to school

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These unique, highly colorful and eye catching templates are perfect for marketing your business or product. They can be used across social media and other platforms. This Mega Bundle is editable, so you can personalize them to suit your tastes and color palette. Marketing becomes a cinch as you remove hours of painstaking work from your task list. These unique designs will leave a lasting impression on any of your customers. The variety in this bundle will set you apart from any competition.


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Britto’s Cats, Drawing, Patterns & Tessellation, Posters by ART Wizard
Art Elements-Romero Britto's Art (Open Ended), Art Lessons, Posters
This is a brief introduction to a collograph printing without a press and texture rubbings and drawing.History of the collograph from Wikipedia.'Glen Alps (1914-1996) was a printmaker and educator who is credited with having developed the collagraph.[1] A collagraph is a print whose plate is a board...


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Increase students' vocabulary skills with this study of common Latin words and phrases. This 5-page printable resource includes + a short overview about the current use of Latin and the history of the language + 20 COMMONLY-USED LATIN WORDS AND PHRASES +2 pages of practice for learning the Latin via context clues. Click here for more info. #Vocabulary #Latin #BellRingers


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Draw & Write Templates (Holidays) Valentines, Memorial, Mother’s, Father’s
Free: Marsupials, Coloring - Endangered or Mother's Day by ART Wizard
Art is ... Making Mother's Day & Father's Day Cards, PreK, K, ELLYou will download one zip file with 2 file folders containing 2 jpg each. These are designed for PreK and K. However, your ELL students (of any age) may enjoy making them and learning about our "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day" hol...


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Project based learning elementary for phonics worksheets, rules readings, and activities for kids. PBL projects elementary English. Ela Pbl ideas. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Pbl ideas. Pbl projects elementary ideas. Phonics for bossy r or worksheets and activities.
This PowerPoint Game introduces and provides practice with the suffixes: -ful, -less, -ly, and -y.
7 Templates for Book Publishing:Illustrating,Publishing Projects,Stories,Reports


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Make a 3D Tagboard Art Guitar - 6 Pages by ART Wizard | TpT


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Art Wizard Bundle: Australian Endangered Species - 8 Resources, Earth Day
Art is ... Endangered Animals Earth Day Coloring Page (5 printables) STEAM, Earth DayYou will download one ZIP file with 4 jpg and 1 PDF file. If you need other formats you can convert for free on It is very easy.The black and white files will print on 8.5 " x 11" paper.This is one orig...
Interactions Within Ecosystems is a comprehensive science unit for middle years students with very little prep required by teachers. It is completely laid out with teacher notes and a sequence of activities. Students will learn about many ways in which organisms interact within an ecosystem.


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