wendy kendall via print & pattern

cute leaves by Wendy Kendall - would love to see this painted on a wall or as a wallpaper for a baby room. Love the colors

Studio Lilla Form

By Cathy Westrell Nordström, founder of Studio Lilla Form: Pastel pattern leaves flowers(Need To Try Design Studios)

lovely kite print

The kite that's right, we're Kappa Alpha Theta! We're Kappa Kappa Alpha Alpha Theta Theta Theta!

we love luli!  luli sanchez animal skin

luli sanchez animal skin- lesson on animal/amphibian skin observation, texture, repetition

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These wonderfully decorative patterns on paper, known as Chiyogami, are silkscreened onto machinemade sheets of mixed kozo and sulphite. They are more popularly known as Yuzen in the United States.