Sea Shells with Sharpie

Barbara Moloney Callen‎ on Sanibel-inspired Artisans FB page · She Sharpies Seashells!

Banners and Labels Sketches y size without loss of resolution. Includes were created in adobe illustrator. Created: 17December12 GraphicsFilesIncluded: JPGImage #VectorEPS #AIIllustrator Layered: No MinimumAdobeCSVersion: CS Tags: banner #colorful #container #designelement #doodle #label #retro #ribbon #scroll #sketch #sticker #vintage

Banners and Labels Sketches

The first thing that I found very interesting and unique is the quirkiness of this simple sketch. I feel that the layout of this particular sketch has been well thought out and there is a great amount of delicacy that is shown within this simple, yet detailed drawing. This relates into the theme of Earth as you can clearly see that this is an illustration of the earth's valuable forest and plants. I feel this is communicated through the detailed lines within the illustration.

page line outline

Creative Illustration: Ideas, inspiration and methods to use in an art journal, travel journal, bullet journal or scrapbook

shelved tones

Shelved Tones

Middle color for the kitchen, blue on the right already in the living room, possibly the lighter tan in the dining room with the gray in the front entryway?

Bloom #Alexa Erkaeva

The heart branching into a flower and the roots being veins expands my expansions of disbelief.

leaning towards watercolour designs

this isn't a tattoo but it has a similar theme to my idea. A beautiful sketch like this would be stunning. yes, love koi art and this style tattoo would be beautiful