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an advertisement for festino featuring three men dancing
Modernist covers in classical music... – Voices of East Anglia
a green book cover with an image of a man's head
DOMUS (Gio Ponti) 1929
two sheets of paper with different types of writing on the front and back of them
the life of the bee, written in gold and green on a dark green background
a book with an image of a man holding a bird on his arm and the words visconde corado ao mejo written in spanish
Fevereiro 2012 – Página 2 – livingdeadcovers
an old book with white writing on the front and back cover, which reads'o hospede de job '
an old book with the words life temporary written in red and black on white paper
an advertisement for the 14th international conference on architecture and design, in green with gold lettering
an old book with the title une conquete methodique
garadinervi : repertori
an open book with black and white text
Type at work in the real world.