Еда и напитки

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Sausage Stuffed Piglet Buns = These Are So Cute !

Sausage-Stuffed Piglet Buns

Sausage Stuffed Piglet Buns = These Are So Cute ! I would use the sausage you use to make pigs in a blanket.

puppy dog hot dog / sandwich • good for kids lunch kids birthday or a fun easy dinner idea for picky eaters

I'm picturing some type of hell hound shaped danish with a cheese/cream dog bone coming out of it's mouth. Mummy hot dogs already taken. How to Bake Dog Shaped Hot Dog Sandwich

Hot Dog Hot Dogs How does one improve on the great hot dog? Well you really can’t, but you can make the bun a little more fun. The nose and eyes are made with black beans, but maybe we could swap those out for raisins?

In our never-ending quest for items that fall in the nexus of dogs and hot dogs, check out these dog-shaped hot dog buns. Where can you get one to stuff into your very own mouth? Mix up some hot dog.

4 рецепта бутербродов для неторопливых воскресных завтраков   Источник: http://www.adme.ru/zhizn-kuhnya/4-recepta-buterbrodov-dlya-netoroplivyh-voskresnyh-zavtrakov-1215110/ © AdMe.ru

Bread Bowls ~ Recipe for Customizable Bread Bowl Breakfast - It’s so creative (yet simple) and allows for a variety of fillings depending on preference. Plus it looks amazing and is sure to impress.

12 крутых завтраков для неспешных выходных

12 крутых завтраков для неспешных выходных