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a black and white photo of a snake with a rose in it's mouth
Serpent with rose 🐍🥀
a cross stitch skull is shown in black and white, on a wooden table next to a potted plant
Hand Embroidered Skull
Hand embroidered skull mounted in a wooden embroidery hoop. Embroidered on natural calico fabric. Can be wall hung or free standing.
a green snake is in the dark with its tail curled up and it's tongue out
green snake
a cross stitch pattern with a skull and orange leaves on it, next to scissors
Embroidery Pattern Laurel Skull Crown, Hand Embroidery Pattern, Digital Pattern, Gothic Embroidery Pattern, Skull Embroidery Hand Embroidery - Etsy
Embroidery Pattern Laurel Skull Crown Hand Embroidery - Etsy
a close up of a embroidery on a piece of cloth with the words, the lily
A made up "Lily Tarot Card" for my beloved cousin Lilian that is studying this art