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a man and woman standing next to each other
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Rare Video Footage & Love Letter from Frida to Diego.
(32) Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Rare Video Footage & Love Letter from Frida to Diego. - YouTube
an empty room filled with lots of wooden chairs and one chair has been broken in half
He Xiangyu: Inherited Wounds, 2022-2023 / Art Basel Unlimited 2023
a man with a black hat is shown in this image, and the words james whistler are above him
The American Artist Who Introduced French Painting To Britain | Great Artists | Perspective
black and white photograph of a woman smiling
USA Artists Episode 04 - The New Abstraction-Morris Louis + Kenneth Noland
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M.C. Escher ~ Documentary
the words surreal art origins are in front of an image of a man's face
Art of the Unconscious Mind
a man leaning against a yellow wall with the words wolfgang lab in front of him
Wolfgang Laib in "Legacy" - Season 7 - "Art in the Twenty-First Century" | Art21
an old man and woman are shown in this screen grab from cnn's news
Sigmund Freud: Dreams and The Surrealists
a collage of newspaper clippings with an image of a man's face
Dada and Surrealism: Europe After the Rain documentary (1978)
an advertisement for surrealism with two men in suits and one man wearing a mask
Surrealism in 5 Minutes: Idea Behind the Art Movement
an image of two women with hats on their heads and the words impressionism explain
Impressionism in 8 Minutes: How It Changed The Course of Art 🎨
an older woman sitting at a desk writing on a piece of paper
“I am interested in the cycle of damage and repair” | Artist Phyllida Barlow | Louisiana Channel
three people are standing in front of a large red and white painting on display at an art gallery
ROBERT MILLER GALLERY - Abstraction | established artists, abstract art
the romantic poes are all lined up together
The Romantic Poets documentary
a man standing in front of paintings on the wall with words overlaying him
The Story of: Peter Doig (1959–Today)
an abstract painting in a white frame on the wall above a toilet paper dispenser
Mondrian Evolution / Retrospective at Fondation Beyeler
an old photo with the words life and times of amrita shergi on it
Life & Times of Amrita Sher Gil I Full Documentary I by Subodh Kerkar
a woman standing in front of two paintings with the words amrita sher - gil on it
Discover the Pioneering Spirit of Amrita Sher-Gil: India's Great Modernist - Art History School
the art of life with an image of a man holding his hands to his face
Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Life | 2020 NHD Documentary
an older man is doing something on the floor with his hands and eyeglasses
Takesada Matsutani: Glue
three rocks are shown with the words perspective in front of them and an image of some sort
Is Digital Art Real Art? | #artoffline (Full Documentary) | Perspective
a woman standing in front of a wall with pictures on the wall behind her and an open door leading to another room
Elizabeth Peyton in conversation with Iwona Blazwick
two people looking at paintings in a museum
National Gallery (2014) | MUBI
a bench sitting in front of a painting on the wall with words hans hartung
Hans HARTUNG "A constant storm", Perrotin New York
a group of people looking at paintings in an art gallery with dirt and rocks on the ground
Otobong Nkanga / Kunsthaus Bregenz
a man standing in front of a large painting with lots of paint splattered on it
Getting to the truth of things with abstraction | Helen Frankenthaler | UNIQLO ARTSPEAKS
a painting of a woman with curly hair
Beauford Delaney at MICHAEL ROSENFELD Alice Neel at DAVID ZWIRNER
the door is open and there is a small square object in it
Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror at THE WHITNEY MUSEUM
a woman with long blonde hair standing in front of a cityscape
Who was Sylvia Sleigh?
the reflection of an art fair piece is shown in front of a circular glass mirror
THE ARMORY SHOW 2017 - Video 5 of 5