Se para um cara de 1,80 o cano está a 2,15. Para um mais alto com 1,74, podemos colocar o chuveiro na altura de 2m

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блог на волне декора все о ванных мечты

Correctly placing the elements the bathroom has is the most important step of the bathroom arrangement. Learn how to correctly place your elements now.


Photos of closets designed with our closets design software, autoclosets. Pictures generated with autokitchen and autodecco, by importing the closets from autoclosets.

Jardín de estilo Rural por Barbecue

Asadores para jardín - 10 espacios sensacionales

Woodworking, home improvement, building, bricks—it can all feel like too much. However, with this guide you can easily build your own barbecue or braai!If there is one thing a lot of South Africans …