Home Slippers – DIY

Home Slippers - DIY

This pattern is for knit slippers, but I can totally see using a wool sweater and cutting and serging slippers from it! Home Slippers - DIY. this is knitting, but I bet I could use this to crochet some

Crochet Booties Kid/Adult - Tutorial ❥ 4U // hf

DIY Crochet Booties Slippers - don't care for that color of green, but I do so love the rainbow ones and the fall color ones

era Picking up collar stitches

Вязание спицами

Motif tricot


Yet another gorgeous lace pattern that makes me want to change all my clothes to lace items


Granite Schoals pattern by Martha Wissing, designed in Berroco Fiora © Martha Wissing