51 FRESH SUMMER NAIL DESIGNS FOR 2017 Are you looking for nails summer designs easy that are excellent for this summer? See our collection full of cute nails summer designs easy ideas and get inspired!

This style/colour would definitely make the best use of my greys. But am I brave enough?

This style/colour would definitely make the best use of my greys. But am I brave enough?<<< I don't know how I'd look with grey hair.

Cada chica debe conocer estas reglas.

La guía más completa del estilo femenino

Glasses for you're face shape. Not in English, but obvious & useful.

Pues ya hacía falta alguna así (:

simple ways to wear head . How to wear a scarf on your head – 6 easy, casual ways. The scarf used in examples is a square heavier weight silk scarf called ‘Wine red’ but you can use pretty much any square scarf to achieve the look.

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Basic placement for this look. It's my typical diagonal placement. I used lavender and black mixture towards the root and blended in slices of each of the confetti colors on the ends.

Open with Quinn.) I was hopping through different dreams, I probably shouldn't have been but, I was anyway. Each dream I was different, according to each person. This dream was, off. Like someone had taken all colors and just flipped the switch. I kinda liked it... I decided to stay in this one a bit longer, or at least find the dreamer.

Harper](Closed)I sat in my room and thought about the thing with Henry. Did he really ask me out? What was I gonna do? I shake my head and open my door to find someone standing right outside of it

Cómo elegir el peinado ideal según la forma de tu rostro

Cómo elegir el peinado ideal según la forma de tu rostro


60 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Pink to purple

Gorgeous long blonde mermaid hair with ends in purple and pink! More Hair Styles Like This!