Knitscene Spring 2017 - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写

Yarn Loop is excited to announce that Knitscene Spring 2017 has arrived! This exciting volume includes: 2 beautiful projects designed for Mindy Kaling in the M

ENCHANTED - 紫苏 - 紫苏的博客

Enchanted by Kim Hargreaves. Prepared to be captivated still and enchanting a haunting beauty appears amid deep shadows bringing a true radiance and charm.

Knitscene Winter 2016 - 轻描淡写 - 轻描淡写

Knitscene Winter 2016 is all about cozy comfort and elegance with 20 brand-new knitting patterns! The Snow Day story utilizes textured yarns (bouclé and other fuzzy yarns) to engage with one of fashion's hottest trends, while maintain

Knit Wear 2014 春 - 紫苏 - 紫苏的博客

26 designs span the spring and summer months with style and simplicity in this issue of knit. Find your edge with glam stripes, knitted lace, or pleats.

KNITSCENE SPRING 2018 - 编织幸福的日志 - 网易博客

KNITSCENE SPRING 2018 - 编织幸福的日志 - 网易博客