Екатерина Покотилова

Екатерина Покотилова

Moscow / Artist, designer, costume designer
Екатерина Покотилова
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Royal Tiara Challenge “Day Favourite Tiara of Sweden Napoleonic Cut-Steel Tiara This Napoleonic era tiara was made for Queen Hortense of Holland. It is popularly thought to have been brought to.

Princess Olga of Yugoslavia Tiara by Boucheron (Albion Art Collection). Without the diamond rivière along the base, which was a later addition.

A diamond tiara-brooch-ring combination, circa Photo Bonhams. The central sunburst and crescent moon motifs above a large cushion-shaped diamond, on a scrolling frame of shooting stars, set throughout with old brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in.

Pageant, Royalty & Bridal :: Silver & Rhodium Tiaras & Crowns :: Tiaras & Crowns :: Queen’s Court Crown (Adjustable or With Combs)

The Kochli Sapphire Tiara (Russian, whereabouts unknown) (Pic is in black & white, the sapphires are blue). Belonged to Alexandra Feodorovna.girlie girl coming out!


This fall we have seen lots of different patterns and especially stripes. Rihanna showed up an outfit with different striped in different colors. She was dressed in a huge coat walking to Dior´s fashion show.