Here you can Learn how to Crochet the Interweave Cable Stitch. By Meladora's Creations Free Crochet Patterns and Video Tutorials.

Interweave Cable Stitch – Crochet Stitch Tutorial Crochet tutorial that teaches you how to the Interweave Cable crochet stitch. This is great for spring if you just change the size of the stitch from double … source

Много ажурных узоров спицами


Геометрический узор для вязания свитера. Схема вязания узора для свитера спицами. | Вязание: Технология и Узоры | Постила

Вязание: Уроки, Узоры, Схемы

Geometrical pattern for knitting of a sweater. The scheme of knitting of a pattern for a sweater spokes.

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