TOY STORY ALIEN Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears Headband by mytutubows

Beautiful TOY STORY ALIEN headband Perfect for Disney trips and parties! Bachelorettes and Weddings! One size fits all children and adults.

cut windows on 3 sides, cut additional pieces of cardboard to make platform for joystick, as well as a "shelf" for animals. cut a clear plastic container and taped for front window. hot glued shoulder straps inside (it wasn't heavy.) spray painted it black foil to the back wall so it look like a mirror. spray painted a pen & rubber ball for joystick, and the top of a plastic toy box for button. bent aluminum wire for claw, printed photos of Toy Story aliens,dollar bill slot & coin return

The Claw - Halloween Costume Contest at

Another Arrietty

Studio Ghibli's "The Secret Adventures of Arietty." The classic story of ''The Borrowers,'' the little people who live beneath the floorboards who only take what they need to survive and things.

Yellow is SO CUTE! :3 She is SO going to be one of my cosplays next year!

Yellow is so awesome! Totally fav character (Blue is my second fav) I need to cosplay her on Halloween so no one will judge XP

Aliens - Pixar Wiki - Disney Pixar Animation Studios


A Desktop Wallpaper featuring the Little Green Men Aliens from the Disney/Pixar Toy Story movies x 768 Pixels)