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Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shot Glasses

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shots Recipe Fresh strawberries Vanilla vodka Godiva liquor Chocolate syrup Cut the strawberry and carve it into a shot glass shape. Combine these awesome ingredients, drink your shot, and then eat the strawberry.

Build a window seat from wall cabinets. What a great way to create extra storage!! #DIY #furniture

How to Build a WindowSeat ~ This would be good if my windows weren't so low to the floor. Maybe in my sitting room it would work. How to build a window seat from wall cabinets. What a great way to create extra storage.

Plastic Spoon Rose

Plastic Spoon Rose - make spoon jewelry! You can use any color spoon you want or you can also spray paint them afterwards.

Clouds night light by ~sheharzad on deviantART

Sources: Baby Birdhouse Lamp A Tiny Baseboard Mouse House Bird in a Jar Nightlights The Fried Egg Night Light Gummy Bear Night Light Giraffe Wall Light DIY Cloud Night Light “Moon in My Room” actually shows the phases of the moon T

Silk-dyed eggs

Eggs boiled in water w/ vinegar. The eggs are wrapped in silk ties (thrift store purchase). Cut up the tie, wrap the egg w/ the right side of the fabric, towards the egg. Wrap in a light cotton cover over the silk.

Fashion Customized: How to make your own dress form

A custom "made to fit" dress form of your very own! OMG I totally have to do this but thinking a decorative duct tape Minx minx Dude! We are making u a custom dress form! U could even put paper mâché over it to make it nice and hard(<---haha)