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Письмо «Самые популярные Пины за эту неделю!» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта

​There’s more to starting a campfire than flicking a bit of flame at a heap of wood. Amateur campers like myself know this only too well. I’ve tried - and failed - to keep fires burning inside fireplaces, never mind in the great outdoors. My friend and I

Дом в облаках от Kidosaki Architects Studio

This amazing house is situated on a sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains that offers spectacular views that are rarely known. The house was designed by Kidosaki Architects Studio in and located in Nagano, Japan.

Современная землянка в штате Техас

Description from Bercy Chen Studio Edgeland Residence is located on a rehabilitated brownfield site and is a modern re-interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in North America, the Native American Pit House. The Pit House,