Макарова Дарья Алексеевна

Макарова Дарья Алексеевна

Макарова Дарья Алексеевна
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[GIF] Sehun is soo adorable :3

no sehun bbuing bbuing your ass to somewhere else. gosh I love it when they do aegyo


[EXO meme] Satansoo series : Satanbaek (Satansoo : "how could he have been possesed?

chanyeol offering tissue to kyungsoo and getting rejected the 1000000000th time #chansoo <--------THIS XD

chanyeol offering tissue to kyungsoo and getting rejected the time <------- Chanyeol: i'm sick of your proud shit kyungsoo! *violently throws tissue* <-------- how can someone throw a tissue violently?

And hugging him back (GIF) CUTEST RÉACTION EVER

Chanyeol hugging his fanboy back T_T To be that lucky. So cuuuute!

Baekkie, Squishy, and Yeollie. Making stars twinkle everywhere. Kyungsoo's laugh is so adorable <<<<<<whoever wrote this is AMAZING! :3

Baekhyun, D.O, Chanyeol just being hilarious HAHA EXO gif best gif exo omggggggggggggg

Our 26-year-old child Xiumin. <<< Though, honestly... We're all tempted to do this at any age, right?! ^.^

I spent forever trying to figure out what made this childish. Like I've been randomly seeing this pin and just skipping over because I don't get it. He's actually on the chair.

@crybabyplz: "Mi historia The Supermarket: U like it es un éxito de v… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

"Kris throwing Baekhyun, I'm pretty sure he was screaming "KKAEPSONG" (GIF)" XD. EXO Tao is just like, not this again hyung

Xiumin, D.O and Lay are the main points in this gif. :D

Reasons to love Exo♥♥♥ Watching every single one of them. I can never get sick of this gif XDDD

GIF - EXO's Winks WARNING: May die from fangirlness. This episode of showtime had me cracking up lol

I love EXO showtime ep 1 where they all do the winks lol Kris took the gold with his 'excuse me' wink haha I love Baekhyuns wink too, so cute!