Нэальфи Деннер-Флайт

Нэальфи Деннер-Флайт

Россия / Буду улыбаться, когда текут слёзы.
Нэальфи Деннер-Флайт
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Australia Previous 2015 Fall Exchange Student at Seoul National University, Korea Status: Still suffering from Post-Exchange Syndrome "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" - Coco Chanel

Anime girl

Girl DJ Cartoon Character Illustration feeling music this is stunning the colours are so warm however the girl looks more unsure and focused.


Anime picture original ame (conronca) single tall image short hair blue eyes sitting blue hair butterfly on hand male plant (plants) tree (trees) boots book (books) insect butterfly goggles 289867 en


Adori is She carries the teddy bear that her brother gave her before he died everywhere she goes. Her past was pretty dark and she doesn't like talking about it unless she really trusts you.