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the logo for ravenclaw team captain quidditch est 1032 on a dark background
Fan Art Harry Potter - Joyeuse fête des Serdaigles!
the harry potters are all looking at each other
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a man and woman sitting next to each other with the caption that says, it's always going to be there
Our Little Secret (Dramione love story) - New Beginning ,chapter 1
an eagle with the words ravenclaw on it's back and front side
Life in Technicolor
heyyybabygoat: princessneeshydoomcuddles: thebigblackwolfe: eshusplayground: I’d probably be sorted into Ravenclaw before I even sat down under the Sorting Hat. once again, i am a slytherclaw. Slytherin ftw hufflepuff and proud, man.
four different types of logos with the words creativity, creativity and creativity written on them
Papéis de parede de Harry Potter para o seu celular - Dani Que Disse
Papéis de parede do Harry Potter para o celular | Dani Que Disse #wallpaper #background #cellphone #harrypotter
the interior and exterior design for ravenfly tower
Ravenclaw House common room.
an image of two people talking to each other on the same page, with one person holding
Paste Magazine
125 of the Best Harry Potter Memes :: Movies :: Harry Potter :: Paste
an image of a wizard with his hand up to the camera and text that reads, your mom alright who wrote this?
Just 20 Memes That Will Make Any 'Harry Potter' Fan Laugh
an older woman wearing a red coat with a gold brooch on her left shoulder
Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
I hate Mondays almost as much as I hate Delores Umbridge!
an advertisement for wizard magazine with the caption'have you seen this wizard? '
⚡ WANTED SIRIUS BLACK- POSTER Harry Potter Fan? Dann solltest Du Dir dieses coole Poster nicht entgehen lassen. Es zeigt den Steckbrief von Sirius Black. Mit diesem Poster mit einer Größe von 61 x 91,5 cm kannst auch Du bei der Suche nach ihm helfen. #Harrypotter #Seriusblack #Askaban