Revestimentos amadeirados trazem aconchego ao apartamento (Foto: Marco Antonio/Divulgação)

Revestimentos amadeirados trazem aconchego ao apartamento

Papai so clouded

Гардеробные комнаты: особенности дизайна и 85+ фото самых вместительных и элегантных проектов Garderobnaya_12

Dans closet behind bed wall

Хранение одежды в спальне: home_and_garden

Хранение одежды в спальне

Cool idea for a room with small/no closet. Curtain hides your storage area from view.(Diy Curtains For Bedroom)

Master bedroom - Галерея

It is one example of a modern decor to your home design project and if you don't know what color you want, look at this fantastic idea! One bedroom always needs to be cozy.

Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle, have created what they call a ‘Container Bed’, which is a normal bed that has been raised to include storage underneath. It’s a solution designed for small apartments that often don’t have enough storage space.

Великолепные настенные светильники смогут украсить спальню оформленную в любом…

Panelled wall with built in lighting and then padded bed head

Фото дизайн спальни из проекта «Спальни»

Фото дизайн спальни из проекта «Спальни»

Цвета, полочки над кроватью, кровать, похожая планировка

The tones in this bedroom are warm and welcoming, making it easy to fall asleep fast but perhaps not as easy to leave the bed in the morning.haha ,love it so muchi !