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the words how to feel god's presence against a blue sky with white flowers
How To Feel God's Presence
How to feel God's presence in the middle of a storm. When God doesn't feel close, you can still experience His presence and draw near to Him even in the chaos. Christian Living | Christian Faith | Christain Women
a sign that says, 50 pronies of god to give you hope
How to Have Hope When You Need it Most
We all need to have hope. Not pie in the sky by and by unrealistic optimism but a realistic view of the current situation with the belief that it too, with God's help, will pass. #HopeQuotes #Faith #BiblePromises #BibleStudy #WWGGG #CountingMyBlessings #HisGraceGirls
a bible with the words, verses that will help when you need to know god '
Verses that will Help When You Need to Know God's Will
a woman sitting at a table with a book and cup of coffee in front of her
The Gospel of Luke - Overview & Chapter 1
a woman walking down the street with text overlay that reads share the gospel verses for quick soul - winning struggles
Share the Gospel Verses for Quick Soul Winning
Grab these 12 Share the Gospel Verses for quick soul-winning! Plus, find some creative ideas on how to share the gospel online and offline! #bibleversesforyou #sharethegospelverses #bibleverses #spreadthegospel #howtospreadthegospel #greatcommission
a person holding a book with the words, the amazing and life - changing meaning of prove
What does Proverbs 3:5-6 mean?
green leaves with water drops on them and the words, and god will provide all you need
a woman looking through binoculars with the words bible love notes written below her on it
Some Seek the Truth. Some Suppress It.
a white vase with flowers on it and the words how to share christ as an interested christian
A Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing Jesus with Nonbelievers — Wholeheartedly Messy
a woman reading a book with the title 3 powerful truths from the longest chapel in the bible
3 Powerful Truths from the Longest Chapter in the Bible
Bible Love Notes: 3 Powerful Truths from the Longest Chapter in the Bible
a book with the title 4 reasons to make god a priority in your finance
4 Reasons to Make God a Priority in Your Finances
a woman looking at her cell phone with the words have you done a phil 4 8 mind check today?
Think About It!
Bible Love Notes: Think About It!
Bible Study Tools, Bible Study Help, Bible Study Plans, Bible Study For Kids, Personal Bible Study, Bible Studies For Beginners, Bible Hacks
10 Hacks for Overcoming Distractions During Your Bible Study
a woman walking down a dirt road with the words don't sweat the small stuff and other life lessons
God Speaks. Here's How To Hear Him. | Jen Weaver
In a hectic world, we all sometimes forget how to sit still and listen. But listen to what? To who? Learn how you can hear God's voice in the midst of all the other noise of this world...