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an image of someone's head and the words i just need to read more
two intersecting circles with the words'why are you so angry at me? '
the text reads, you are all about reacted rediscovering basics like i feel better when i wish my face or eating breakfast is actually a great idea
a person in a hoodie with the caption when the memories hit you out of nowhere
Mood Quotes, Weird Dreams, Deep Thoughts, Im Losing My Mind, Aesthetics Quote, Going Crazy
Dreams are better than reality
two men standing in front of a window with writing on the glass that says, i can't tell the differences between growing and pushing people away from them
two people standing in the ocean with a message written on their face that says, i only want my peace that's it
a person walking down a sidewalk with a basket on it's back and the words i've always created these detailed fiction
Pov: no1 likes talkin’ 2 U - playlist by Gracey🧸 | Spotify
a poster with an image of a person sitting on a bike and the words you can easily return to the past but no one is there anymore